May 2009


Via Fuorlovado, 18-22
www.auroracapri.comStorm Coming, Capri, Italy
Don’t let Mariah Carey’s photo on the wall scare you away. Despite a celebrity scene that turns some foodies off, this restaurant is mmm mmm good and definitely one not to miss when you are in Capri. They have amazing pizza with a super thin crust that is a must. We had this fabulous salad with warm mushrooms over Parmesan and arugula. If it’s someone’s birthday, get ready for a lights out Disco party – seriously. Everyone celebrates. It’s a festive ambiance, with great food and an extensive wine list.


The J.K. Capri

J.K. Place, Marina Grande, 225
www.jkplacecapri.comWinding Road, Capri, Italy
While the purpose of my website is to discuss food and wine, it is my blog, so I do have the right to do what I want. Therefore, I feel the need to let you know about this stunning hotel, J.K. Place Capri. It was rightfully featured in Architectural Digest. I highly recommend this as THE hotel to stay if you are lucky enough to have a getaway to Capri. The staff was very attentive to detail and took great pride in making it the perfect getaway for us. Their mixologist was quite talented and made drinks for us every evening that reflected our mood. I’d like to share the recipe of our favorite cocktail which I have named “The J.K. Capri.”

The J.K. Capri: Crush orange slices, unrefined sugar and mint. Add ice with white rum and soda water. Finish with a dash of dark rum.

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