A Weekend in Portland and the Willamette Valley

May 2008

I love Pinot Noir. I just love it. So, for the past couple of years, my best friend and I have made an annual pilgrimage to the Willamette Valley to do a ton of Pinot purchasing. Wine Country is only about 45 minutes to an hour away from Portland, which happens to be a very pleasant foodie city. Here are a few of my faves:


1239 SW Broadway (Broadway and Jefferson)
If you visit Portland during the peak of Copper River Salmon season, you are in for a special treat. This place brings salmon to a new level. We had it for dinner and came back the next day to have it again. It was that good. I am still thinking about it. Greg Higgins was one of the first chefs to start the whole organic/locally grown produce movement in the Portland area. You can taste the freshness of the ingredients he uses.

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